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3 Reasons Why KIM Stands Out from Other Crystalline Waterproofing Admixtures

When specifying waterproofing solutions for concrete construction projects, some may think that it comes down to two choices: external membranes or crystalline waterproofing admixtures. On the membrane side, you have what looks like a number of different styles to choose from (even if they are prone to failure) while crystalline admixtures are seen as all the same. So if you choose an admixture like that, it all just comes down to price then, right?While that is a common thought about crystallin...

March 14, 2024

Durability Testing 101: The Water Permeability Test

Concrete durability — its ability to resist weathering and chemical attack, and maintain desired engineering properties over time — is crucial. Durability failures often stem from the use of substandard materials, improper mix designs, inadequate construction practices, and insufficient curing. These shortcomings can significantly reduce a concrete structure’s expected lifespan and performance....

March 14, 2024

Understanding the differences in concrete waterproofing admixtures

Kryton’s innovative range of Krystol concrete waterproofing products will help you build quality, durability, and cost-effectiveness directly into the concrete. Krystol waterproofing systems create completely watertight concrete structures that are self-sealing and able to withstand hydrostatic pressure for the life of your structure.Krystol technology can potentially save you money in reduced labour and maintenance costs, leaving you with a durable and resilient structure for the long-te...

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