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Ready Mix KIM Calculator

Calculate the Quantity of KIM Required for your Concrete Mix

To quickly determine the quantity of KIM required for the concrete load, simply enter the following details into the calculator:

  1. The cement content of the concrete based on kilograms per cubic metre. For example, a 30MPa mix may have 320kg of cement per cubic metre of concrete.

  2. The number of cubic metres to be batched.

The calculator will provide the quantity of KIM to be added. If necessary, round the total to the nearest 5kg bag. For example, if the quantity required is 28.5kg, then round to 30kg (6 x 5kg bags of KIM). If the quantity required is 31kg, then round down to 30kg.

KIM Dosage Calculator

(Quantity of KIM Required for Concrete Mix)

Cement Content (kg/cubic metre of concrete)

How many cubic metres of concrete?

Quantity of KIM required (Kg)